Motion Sensor LED Night Light for Toilet Bathroom Bowl

Peeing on toilet seat instead of inside toilet seat, here is a solution motion-sensing LED night light for you toilet seat which will help you set your target with ease


Someone in your family has trouble locating the toilet in the night and they end up peeing all over the toilet seat. Study shows that overĀ  83% of people agree with me. People tend to pee around the toilet rather in the toilet during sleepy nights. Here is a solution: Night Light for Toilet.

  • A fully automated sensing system, as soon as you reach the toilet it will turn on automatically, a perfect gift for him.
  • Eight color light emission available you can choose all to run randomly or fix it to one color you desire.
  • Suitable for all bathrooms equipped with an English seat.
  • Very easy to install, you can just hang the light on the side of your toilet with the arm, convenient to remove and when cleaning the toilet.
  • Material: ABS Plastic, Size: 65 mm x 67 mm x 17 mm, runs on 3PC AAA Batteries
  • Most important – Waterproof